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Advanced InfoUnload for PostgreSQL
A comprehensive high-performance utility for unloading PostgreSQL data
Enables you to move your data from PostgreSQL to any data repository in a fast, easy and smart way.

What is AIPG?

Advanced InfoUnload for PostgreSQL is a standalone utility program that performs bulk data exports of PostgreSQL databases.

Advanced InfoUnload for PostgreSQL is an efficient way to:

  • Unload PostgreSQL data to flat files, tape devices or named pipes.
  • Create files for multiple targets, even if target files require different import or load file formats. InfoUnload PostgreSQL supports multiple formats for output files (XML, JSON, Delimited, Non-delimited).
  • Perform complete system migration from one PostgreSQL instance to another.
  • Eliminate the need for specific data conversion applications. InfoUnload PostgreSQL column function supports conversion to a wide range of data types with the SELECT statement.
  • Employ powerful, easy-to-use, and familiar SELECT syntax to specify columns and rows to unload.
  • Unload a PostgreSQL row sample with MAXROWS, SKIP, and INTERVAL keywords. This feature can be used to quickly check syntax in a control file.

Additionally, InfoUnload PostgreSQL provides parallel processing to maximize performance. It generates detailed summaries of unload operations, including process statistics, results, and error statements.

Why an Unload Utility?

Full Database unload
Table unload
SQL query based unload
Transfer to a distant server
Transfer to a different kind of server (NoSQL database)
Flat file format support (Json, XML, delimited file)
Multiple outputs
  • Fast performance

AIPG is a multi-threaded application that can exploit all available system processors.

Export Data to Any Target